Vision Council

United Way Vision Council

Vision Council is a group of community members who come together to review applications and conduct site visits for agencies who have requested United Way funding for specific community-based programs.  Vision Council then determines how they feel United Way funds should be allocated.  These recommendations are made to the United Way Board of Directors who, based on the Vision Council's suggestions, approves funding for the two year cycle. 

Community needs, met by community dollars, determined by community members.



2021 Vision Council

Pam Finch, Red Ribbon Consulting

Lori Elwood, Atek Companies

Carol Johnson, Retired

Sarah Larson, CTC

Karen Johnson, Crow Wing Energized

Stephan Larson

Shawn Hansen, The Outreach Program

Kristina Foster

Todd Bymark, CRMC 

Leah Garry, CTC

Rachel Johnson, Bremer Bank

Erin Wilmont, TheShop

Carrie Nichols, Carrie Benson Photography

Sarah Speer, Sourcewell

Holly Holm, Visit Brainerd

Margaret Healy

Jill Casper, MMFCU

Kalsey Stultz, Crow Wing Engerized

Kimberly Blank, CRMC

Kara Terry, Crow Wing County

Shannon Sawyer, Clow Stamping

Kathy Hachey, Retired

Shelia Skogen, Crow Wing County

Cindy Moore

Beth Frost, Atek Companies

Kevin Larson, Retired

Sherri Delahunt, CRMC

Sue Iverson

Quinn Swanson, Happy Dancing Turtle

Linda Kiefer, Retired

Amanda Schwarzkopf

Susan Bremer

Kathy Sauve, Happy Dancing Turtle

Karen Munsterteiger, Retired 

Darren Larson, First Western Bank

Kara Griffin, Crow Wing County