Self Kindness

We all could use more self-kindness! Here are 4 steps for you to try! 


Think Kind and Frame Positively:

Who better to have as your champion, cheerleader, and supporter than yourself? Because you are your own constant companion, it is of utmost importance to think kindly about yourself. It is common for individuals to use their inner critic to motivate themselves, however, this technique is more destructive than helpful. Learn to nip negative thoughts in the bud and focus on the positive outcomes that will happen once a goal is achieved as well as the good qualities you possess that will help you accomplish your goals.     


Establish a Feel-good Ritual:

Treat yourself daily to (a) reward(s). You deserve it! Start your day with an upbeat song that you can’t help but dance along too. Read a happiness quote and remind yourself about it all day. Listen to your favorite book on audiotape on the way to work. Take a long bath. Veg out for an hour or two watching your favorite shows. Or my favorite, savor a rich and delicious dessert. Prioritize whatever will help you relax and destress at least once if not several times a day. This will also help prevent burnout and keep you energized.    


Start a Good Habit

This is a fun one! Pick a skill you’ve always wanted to master, be it learning a language or instrument, and set out time each day to practice these skills. Marking your improvement from week to week will bolster confidence and perhaps lead you to try new experiences. You can also enact this on a smaller, but no less important scale, by committing to achieve small accomplishments each day. For example, flossing every day or tidying up your room. It’s incredible how these small actions compound to create good energy. A piece of advice my grandma always says: “a clean room means a clean mind.” Too true, grandma, too true.


Build Strengths

While it is tempting to better yourself by eliminating weakness, improving strengths, rather than trying to remedy weaknesses, will do wonders in improving one’s mental health and reducing frustrations. If you thrive by writing but the thought of public speaking sends a shiver down your spine, work to become the most insightful and clever writer in your field, perhaps write a book, instead of spending hours of your precious time, energy, and sanity trying to become the most engaging speaker. The kindest thing we can do for ourselves is loving and being ourselves.